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18 Volt DeWALT



  • Before continuing PLEASE open your battery case and look at your cells inside.

  • Do they look like the picture in the V1 screw pattern of the battery case? V1 only has screws around the perimeter.

  • OR does it look like the V2 which has 1 single screw in front of the pod that goes into the tool.


  • These NiCd batteries have SUB-C cells inside the battery housing

  • They will either be SUB-C  STANDARD or COMPACT cells

  • Typical model numbers are as follows. Don't see your model number listed? Please contact us to confirm before ordering
    • V1 STANDARD SUB-C  model #: DC9096 | DE9096 | DW9099
    • V2 STANDARD SUB-C  model #: DW9095
    • V1 COMPACT SUB-C model #: DC9098 | DC9099
    • V2 COMPACT SUB-C model #: DW9098

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