14.4V 3.8Ah DIY Repack Kit Slide Models CTB4145, CTB4147

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NEW DIY (Do It Yourself) Repack Kit built with TENERGY cells for the Snap-On 14.4 Volt slide models CTB4145 | CTB4147

Skill Level: Advanced

Please note: Battery's contact is NOT included. You will need to solder your old contact to the tabs on the battery assembly kit. Get the Repack Directions here

Kit Includes:

(1) 14.4 Volt Pack built with Tenergy NiCd cells
(1) Upgraded Thermistor
Solder, Flux  (Soldering iron NOT included)

For assembly, you'll need:
to remove the case 
- It is recommended use a drill to release the contact from the original battery pack 
Min 60W soldering iron and solder kit to reattach the wire and to attach the contact to the tabs on the battery pack 



***Caution: This is a High Performance Battery***


Will your charger work with an upgraded NiMH replacement?
While it's permissible to use a NiCd charger, you should not leave these battery packs on the charger for extended periods of time. They should be removed as soon as the indicator light shows "charged". The reason behind this is that the "trickle charge" rate of that specific charger is designed for a NiCd battery pack. So it's a hare too steep for NiMH. If these packs were left on the charger for extended periods of time (overnight to several days). The high trickle charge rate could overcharge the batteries and would essentially bleed off capacity. That leads to accelerated wear on the cell chemistry and decrease cycle life. On a side note, even NiCd battery packs SHOULD NOT be left on this charger for extended periods of time. That inevitably leads to "memory effect" and decreased lifespan of the pack.


Warranty Information

G/C Battery 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, 1-Year Limited Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review